About Us

Two models wearing doing the splits wearing green yoga clothes


The idea for Mika began in 2008 when owner, Laura Costa, was in yoga teacher training. Disappointed by the cost and fit of the hot yoga clothing available, she was inspired to create more affordable and flattering options. What began as somewhat of a niche clothing line quickly began to grow as we expanded into designing styles for a variety of activities. Whether we are designing for yoga, pole fitness, dance, pilates, etc., the goal is to create quality clothes that are comfortable, high performance, and beautiful. Above all else, the Mika brand is meant to empower people to move their bodies and feel good while doing it.

Being a small women owned and run business, we have always been very hands on with all aspects of our business. From production, to photography, to marketing and design, we set our standards high and are dedicated to creating an experience that celebrates our makers, our doers, and our community. In addition to our in-house design team, we love to hire local artists and artisans for fresh looks and artwork!

We also love to showcase the wonderful people we meet in our travels, the studio, through friends, and at work, so the people you see modeling for us are just that. And to stay true to our belief in transparency and honesty, we say no to body manipulation in editing.


Two models posing in matching black outfits
We've seen just how much excess waste and overproduction fast fashion pushes out. Fashion production has an immense effect on the environment, so we feel it's part of our responsibility to contribute however we can in making our production and pieces more eco-conscious. Here are some of our efforts:
  • Small batch production- small collections with limited runs, handmade by our amazing production team in Brazil.
  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging, tags, and postcards
  • Transitioning to eco-friendly mailers
  • CarbonClick is available at checkout- optional donation where proceeds help fund renewable energy and forest conservation projects around the world.
  • Incorporating more eco-conscious and sustainable fabrics (Check out our fabric breakdowns!) 
  • Sourcing local and high quality raw materials 

Mika owner and designer looking over design sketches and fabric swatches